Essential experience: Embark on a journey to transform your views on the world and reconnect yourself with nature.

Pitch: An illegal gold-miner looking to change his outlook on the world, you embark on a journey into the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, where you will meet many animal personalities with stories to tell. Discover the problems humans have made for these animals, and solve them by exploring and interacting with the world.

Overview: You play as Omar, an illegal gold-miner who operates in the Tambopata National Reserve, Peru. After your brother is killed in a tragic mining accident, you find yourself deep in the rainforest in search of answers. This is where you meet Ricardo, a red howler monkey whose brother has gone missing, likely taken by humans. This begins the start of your journey to discover the extent of the damage caused by humans in the rainforest, and your determination to reverse it.

Metanoia is a top down, narrative-driven adventure game. The game is formed of missions, in which you travel to a location with an animal who needs a problem solving, always relating to a problem humans have caused. You are free to explore the area within the mission to collect objects and find out useful information which will help to complete the missions. The heart of the game is the unique and interesting stories told through these missions, but also varied gameplay with challenge, that rewards exploration. The narrative is the key driver here, but I still want the gameplay to be fun and challenging, as a lot of adventure games can end up being a bit boring gameplay-wise.

Over the course of the game, Omar will have a change of heart (Metanoia), and will go from a gold-miner to a supporter of the rainforest animals. This reaches a peak when you have to defend the animals against an attack from the gold-miners.

The game is inspired by the real life location it is set in, and therefore a lot of the mission, location and character designs are based on things that actually exist.

Target audience: This game will have a Teen rating. There is no graphic content, as I would like this game to appeal to anyone who likes a story with interesting characters, and an important message that anyone can take away. However, there are alludes to violence and death, especially in the context of damage done to the environment. This can include mercury poisoning, loss of habitat, loss of species, and dialogue moments where you can choose to act in a violent manner. These moments are rare, however, and are presented in a way as not to be too extreme.

Platform: My platform of choice is PC, as it is the easiest to develop for, and just a solid, safe choice. To move the character, players can use WASD or the arrow keys. E is to interact, and moving through dialogue choices again requires use of WASD or the arrow keys.

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