Design goals

I have set a few design goals for this game idea. The aim of these is to provide a specific experience for the player, and ensure that all aspects of my game are influenced by these goals. They are:

  • To create a beautiful and bio-diverse world, akin to that of the real Amazon rainforest, capturing the denseness and unique formations that make up the area. The more beautiful the world, the more tragic the destruction will seem to the player, and the more invested in the story they will be.
  • By creating a game-world inspired by the real world, it will make the stories and the message of the game seem even more significant, especially issues such as deforestation and endangered species, crucial topics occurring today.
  • I would like my game to have an educational purpose as well, which will be delivered through the mission system, with players learning how gold mining can affect particular aspects of the environment. The dialogue system will explain these issues in detail. 

Major – Concepting:

  • To create a game with a beautiful setting, numerous personalities and carefully created missions, concepting had to be my major focus. To make the world beautiful, I will experiment with brushes and styles. For mission design, I will iterate mission ideas, changing them to satisfy gameplay and narrative goals. I will need to find a way to make the world diverse and dense, which will require a system to efficiently create this. I will make a lot of visual work to carry out my aim.

Minor – Narrative:

  • Narrative is a huge part of this game idea, and everything is influenced by it. Missions and, more specifically, the dialogue system will progress the narrative. Objects you pick up will be key to understanding the narrative, and even more so the world that you explore.


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