Game world and visual style

My game-world takes place in the Amazon rainforest, so is therefore no surprise that I have taken a huge amount of influence just from that. The colours, the diversity and the beauty are just examples of things I wish to inject into my own world. As mentioned in my design goals, I want it to have plenty of real world influences, in order to make the world more immersive and believable.

visual style 2.png

I did plenty of experimentation and concepting of different real species, and researched the different elements that come together to make the world feel more dense. I end4d up deciding that I wanted to go for a “painted” style, after seeing so many beautiful paintings of the Amazon. This inspired me to have a different brush for each type of material, in order to get a variety of styles that would fit the one “painted” style I was going for.


  • Plant life – acrylic glaze
  • Trees – birch brush
  • Fur/feathers – bristle 06 hair and grass
  • Ground/ water – Oil lush
  • Skin – Big wide softy
  • Clothing – Scratch bristle

My experimentation with brushes and how I came to choose these can be found in my showbook. Every drawing on this page uses the correct brush for the corresponding material, so these look close to what I would expect to appear in the final game!


When you look at images of the Amazon rainforest, you notice that no two areas look the same; there are just so many different species and interactions going on that every area looks unique, and I want to capture that essence with my environment. The only issue getting in the way of my ambition would be time, as it would be extremely time consuming to have to hand drawn all the different species! So I came up with a template idea instead, where I created a selection of trees, plants and vines to help create unique environments with ease:

creating the environment.png

Even with my limited amount of elements, I managed to make two of the same species of tree look noticeably different:trees.png

I then went one step further and created a concept for how an in-game environment could look like:




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